Coffee Sensory and Cupping Course / Sensory Foundation SCA

The basic course of professional coffee tasting and cupping consists of an intense day that aims to introduce both cupping and espresso to coffee tasting. From primary flavors to aroma families, from introduction to cupping to the recognition and assessment of Arabica / Robusta and primary defects.

Passing the SCA foundation exam (optional) allows you to get 5 points for the SCA Coffee Skills Program diploma.


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The course starts at 10 a.m. and finishes at 5.30 p.m. with a short lunch break. The Espresso Academy is in Florence, a few minutes with the tram away from the central railway station of Santa Maria Novella and a few minutes from the exit of the highway.

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Program of the course

  • The purpose of coffee tasting. The organs of the senses involved in coffee tasting: eyes, nose, mouth and touch.
  • The  coffee tasting phases: visual, olfactory, gustatory, tactile and aftertaste.
  • Acidity, bitterness, sweetness, body, flavor: the use of professional terminology.
  • The SCA Flavor Wheel and the division into Enzymatic, Sugar Browning and Dry Distillation
  • What is cupping, the professional coffee tasting system.
  • The concept of coffee specialty (above 80 points) and Cup of excellence (above 90)
  • Cupping of different coffees: arabica, robusta, recognition of some typical coffee defects
  • The tasting of espresso coffee, the espresso tasting sheet, the role of sugar

A real coffee journey? The coffee week!

This course is part of the “One week coffee route” A week, a coffee course per day, from Roasting to Barista skills. You can take part to all the courses or just to the courses of your interest. 


Coffee Tasting and Cupping Course

Do you want to enter the fascinating world of professional coffee tasting? Do you want to become a sommelier, a professional taster, maybe aiming for a Q-grader career?
It's a complex journey, that begin learning about our sensory organs and recognizing the feelings that they send to us.

So you learn to smell and recognize, with a selection of aromas, the sensations that the different varieties of coffee bring to our nose.

Then is the time of taste, to recognize and evaluate technically (with different water-solution) bitter, acidic, body, aromatic and other sensations that coffee can give us.

The new keyword in coffee tasting is flavor, which we learn to know in its variables that can come from variety, from the cultivation process and from roasting.

At this point coffee, tests in cupping and espresso, to apply our knowledge to the bean we love most!

The course is preparatory for the SCA Sensory foundation exam, which can be held at the end of the day.

Periodically our school also organizes Sensory SCA Intermediate and Professional levels, contact us for info!

SCA Certificate

At the end of this course it is possible to take part to the SCA Sensory foundation level certification. Anyone wishing to take part in the certification exams are asked to report it to us when registering for the course. In our school you can also book Sensory Intermediate and Professional certifications. For more info on SCA certifications, consult this page.


I nostri Trainer

Marco Cremonese

One of the most known italian coffee and roasting experts. Marco has a large portfolio of consultancies for famous coffee roasting companies and is an official SCA trainer for coffee roasting, tasting and green coffee. He´s also frequently been chosen by the World Barista Championship to roast the coffees for the competitions.
Helena Oliviero

Helena Oliviero

Helena is young and very experienced in the world of coffee. She´s the italian champion of Ibrik, AST for Barista and Brewing and also an R-Grader.. the first woman in Italy! She´s the responsible of the Brewing courses and Espresso Academy abroad.

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