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Online Coffee Roasting Course

During this period, in compliance with the measures taken against coronavirus, our school is closed to lessons in class. But Espresso Academy never stops!

Our courses are scheduled every month as usual as video course. The next dates for the Coffee roasting online courses SCA foundation are:

May 4th, 2020

The coffee roasting online courses are very easy to access, the courses are in English and hold by SCA certified trainers.

  • Very easy access to the roasting and blending course. You simply click the link we send you, and is done!

  • No problem taking the course with your mobile phone, tablet or computer. A leap into the future!

  • No problem interacting, questions and answers directly to the trainer exactly like in the classroom!

  • Super-complete theoretical part, with sharing of the slides and graphics on the screen with the trainer

  • All the practical demonstrations very easy to be followed with the double camera system.

  • Free Conference call one-to-one with the trainers to evaluate together your project, your idea, your location...

  • Price from € 150 to € 99.90 and no travel and stay costs !!!
  • Manuals included in the price sent at the end of the course!

  • Possibility of Coffee roasting foundation SCA exam online.



Coffee Roasting and Blending Course

A course designed to give the bases of the roasting and blending technique for the Italian espresso.

A very busy day to learn how the roasting interacts with coffee: how to enhance the body, aroma and taste and how to build the blend we want to offer to our customers. A large section of the course is devoted to cupping and tasting techniques, because tasting is the real bookmark of our experience!

During the course we begin from the evaluation of the green coffee, then how to choose the roasting machine for different uses. Then we examine the various phases and profiles of the roasting process and how they affect the characteristics of the roasted coffee. After we proceed with practical exercises with final cupping of the roasted beans.


Next date

  • March 30th, 2020 - ONLINE

  • May 4th, 2020

  • May 10th and 11th, 2020  ROASTING SCA INTERMEDIATE COURSE

More infos

The course starts at 10 a.m. and finishes at 5.30 p.m. with a short lunch break. The Espresso Academy is in Florence, a few minutes with the tram away from the central railway station of Santa Maria Novella and a few minutes from the exit of the highway, Firenze SCANDICCI.

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Program of the course

  • Characteristics, evaluation and defects of the green coffee with the SCAE parameters.
  • Theory of roasting: different temperatures for different coffees, the roasting curves and profiles, methods of heat transfer, First Crack & Second Crack.
  • The Italian coffee roasting. Practical exercises of roasting with the colorimetric system of evaluation.
  • Tasting of a light and a dark roasted coffee.
  • Blending: create our own blend starting from our taste or the taste of our clients. Tasting of good and a “not very good” coffees already sold in the market.
  • Creating a first simple blend with two different single origin coffees.

SCA Certificate

At the end of the course you will be able to do the SCA Roasting foundation level certificate. Please inform us when you sign up for the course. You can also apply for the Roasting Intermediate and Professional SCA certificates.


The cost of the course is 150€ and includes the handbooks of the course.


You will be able to do practical excersises during the course


You will receive the official Espresso Academy certificate

ILA Card

ILA is an accepted payment method

Our Trainers

Marco Cremonese

One of the most known italian coffee and roasting experts. Marco has a large portfolio of consultancies for famous coffee roasting companies and is an official SCA trainer for coffee roasting, tasting and green coffee. He´s also frequently been chosen by the World Barista Championship to roast the coffees for the competitions.

Helena Oliviero

Helena is young and very experienced in the world of coffee. She´s the italian champion of Ibrik, AST for Barista and Brewing and also an R-Grader.. the first woman in Italy! She´s the responsible of the Brewing courses and Espresso Academy abroad.

One Week Coffee Route

This course is part of the One Week Coffee Route route, a complete journey in the world of coffee that includes days dedicated to barista, latte art, roasting, professional tasting, brewing and coffee shop management. Read more about the coffee route!

  • We attended the two-day Barista course (advanced level) and its really cool and awesome. Our instructor-Gabriele shares all the techniques and secrets to make a perfect espresso and cappuccino, plus the coffee art which every participants were so excited and enjoyed every hands-on. As part of the Advanced level course, Gabriele also gave us a tour inside their processing plant. A highly recommended tour if you're visiting Florence both for individual who's looking for a career in coffee industry or simply Coffee lovers.
  • Great experience ! It's fun, very interactive , the trainers are really interested that you learn and practice a lot, before you apply for your certificate. If you never worked in a coffee shop or you never experience how to make a great cappuccino and espresso this is the right place to try . Can't wait to get back and learn some more ! Thank you all !
    TLumi, Croatia
  • Had an amazing two days here going all the way from the roasting room, blends and the theory, but most importantly a lot of practice at making good espressos and cappuccinos with assistance from the instructors, through to the SCA exams. Very friendly and helpful instructors and I can highly recommend the Espresso Academy! A great experience and great knowledge gained. Thank you to all at Espresso Academy and Mokaflor, I highly recommend you all!
    Pierre V, Auckland New Zealand

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