Advanced Barista Course

A full and intense Italian coffee course, to learn, in Italy, the basics of the barista job. Two days full immersion in a Roasting company in the very heart of Florence,We visit the roasting plant, we compare and taste, with the trainers, different coffees and Italian blends with the espresso tasting sheets. Then we approach the espresso preparation with professional parameters, we froth the milk for the classic cappuccino and we go deep into the latte art skill, for the preparation of the cappuccino with rosetta, hearts, tulip and so, with videos and a lot of pouring and etching practice.

Then we continue facing the classic Italian preparations as Espresso macchiato and schekerato, then coffee grinding adjustment exercises.

The course program is cut on the SCA certification exam.

Have you not the time for a coffee vacation in Italy?

With our online courses and video courses with SCA certification exam you will grow your your coffee skills and knowledge without leaving your home!

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Program of the course - Day 1

  • What is coffee, a bit of history and, knowledge of the different species : Arabica, robusta and other hybrids.
  • The coffee process: picking, stripping, washed and dry method.
  • Introduction to roasting and blending. Visit to a roasting plant.
  • Tasting of a good and a bad espresso, tasting different arabicas and robustas, finding differences.
  • The preparation of espresso, dosing, grinding and tamping.
  • The Cappuccino in theory and in practice. Milk frothing: the SCAE standards, more or less frothy, more or less hot.
  • The classic Italian preparations: latte macchiato, caffèlatte, espresso macchiato , shaked coffee etc.
  • An introduction to the brewing world: V60, Aeropress and other methods…
  • Knowledge and cleaning of the espresso machines. Descaling, backflushing, cleaning of the grinder.

Program of the course - Day 2

  • Practical test machine: find the right grinding degree and make a correct espresso.
  • The latte art. Video, the “dry” technique and a lot of practice for the pouring of the rosetta, the heart, tulips,the new “rainbow cappuccino” and…
  • From the world of the coffee cocktails to the new frontiers, from mocaccino to hot and icy very new proposals…Introduction to professional coffee tasting: the SCA evaluation boards, testing of several coffees in single origin, from Mexico Altura to Java to the spicy taste of the Ethiopian Sidamo.
  • What are the barista and latte art championships. Regulation and competitions.
SCA Barista Skills

SCA Certificate

This barista course is hold under SCA protocol. At the end of it is possible to take part to the barista skills foundation and also, especially for those who already have experience, to the barista skills SCA intermediate exam.Find out more about SCA by clicking on this link.

One Week Coffee Route

This course is part of the One Week Coffee Route route, a complete journey in the world of coffee that includes days dedicated to barista, latte art, roasting, professional tasting, brewing and coffee shop management. Read more about the coffee route!

Our Trainers

Gabriele Cortopassi

After many years of experience he´s assisted and done consultancies for many bars and restaurants in Italy and abroad. Gabriele is also the founder of, which is one of the most followed blogs for bars and restaurants and the the title of his book (Hoepli editions). He´s an official SCA Trainer and also teaches the Bar Management course.

Simone Celli

A real barista, with many years of experience behind the counter. His blog is the most read italian coffee blog in the world! He´s a trainer for the Barista, Brewing and Latte Art courses and official LAGS certifier.

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  • We attended the two-day Barista course (advanced level) and its really cool and awesome. Our instructor-Gabriele shares all the techniques and secrets to make a perfect espresso and cappuccino, plus the coffee art which every participants were so excited and enjoyed every hands-on. As part of the Advanced level course, Gabriele also gave us a tour inside their processing plant. A highly recommended tour if you're visiting Florence both for individual who's looking for a career in coffee industry or simply Coffee lovers.
  • Great experience ! It's fun, very interactive , the trainers are really interested that you learn and practice a lot, before you apply for your certificate. If you never worked in a coffee shop or you never experience how to make a great cappuccino and espresso this is the right place to try . Can't wait to get back and learn some more ! Thank you all !
    TLumi, Croatia
  • Had an amazing two days here going all the way from the roasting room, blends and the theory, but most importantly a lot of practice at making good espressos and cappuccinos with assistance from the instructors, through to the SCA exams. Very friendly and helpful instructors and I can highly recommend the Espresso Academy! A great experience and great knowledge gained. Thank you to all at Espresso Academy and Mokaflor, I highly recommend you all!
    Pierre V, Auckland New Zealand


Via delle Torri, 55 50142 Florence, Italy