Open a successful coffee roastery could be a complicate matter that require a lot of skills and knowledge.

This is why the Coffee Roasting Consultancy of the Espresso Academy Team can help you from the first steps to the achievement of your goals. Thanks to our several years of experience in this field we can support you from the choice of the best green coffees to the final packaging, from the evaluation of the project till the success!

Let us go into details, in three main steps!

1st STEP

Evaluating the project.

Is your project to open a coffee roasting company, both a small artisanal roastery based on a specialty approach or a huge industrial coffee roasting plant

In every case is necessary to start with a careful evaluation of the idea, the project, the competitors, the target that we want to focus on, the costs related with the projects, the equipments and even packaging and communication in line with our project. Also will be essential to find out, evaluate and taste the most suitable green coffees both specialty or commercial. Then, for some companies, will be decisive to create our unique blends, made with coffees consistent, in quality and price, on the green coffee market. 

Complex choices and evaluations, which the Espresso Academy consultancy team performs in the first step, the analysis one, a phase that will give us fundamental answers, capable of lead the whole subsequent segments, the operational ones.

 From these evaluation we will prepare an effective business plan, the first brick of your successful brand.

Part of this steps are:

  • Evaluation of the project

  • Market Analysis

  • Budget 

  • Business plan



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2nd STEP

From the project to the opening

Once we have found the right products for the right target, according to the business plan we start to design your Coffee Roastery finding the right spaces for storing the green beans, roasting, packing and storing of roasted coffee.

With support of Espresso Academy’s partners we could suggest and provide the right Roaster Machine for your business, the real heart of it, and all the equipment that you’ll need to start working from roasted been silos to packaging and label machine.

With a complete coffee bean consulting our team will help you in finding the best Green beans at the best price, that are available in your market to create the blends that fits for your reference market.

With our experience we could help you in creating the right blends, for espresso, filter or turkish coffee or suggest you how to roast some single origin coffee, also Specialty Coffee Grade, at their best.

Roasting Coffee is a real science and our team of trainers, that work since several years in Coffee Roasting Training, can help you to achieve all the knowledge that you will need to start roasting on your own, with the help of software like Artisan or Cropster.

A success of a business will pass also from a good branding and and the right packaging for your reference target.

  • Roasting plan

  • Chose of the right Roaster Machine and equippment

  • Green bean consultancy

  • Creating the blends

  • Coffee Roasting Training

  • Branding and Packaging


3rd STEP

Opening and first period support

When everything is ready, it’s time to roast and start selling the coffee on the market. Our team will help you in finding the right sales channels for your products and the right marketing strategies starting from the price of your roasted coffee.

Creating a right roasting routine will help in increasing the productivity of the roastery reducing the costs. 

Our team will help you in quality control of your blends and single origin to check the consistency of your roast troughout tasting session of your products. This allows you to adjust the parameters of your roasting to satisfy your customers.


  • Sales Channels

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Weekly routine

  • Quality check


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