Italian Barista Method Certified Students

Italian Barista Method Certified Students by Espresso Academy

Espresso Academy promote the format Italian Barista Method, to allow the people the possibility to certify their skill and knowledge in the Italian barista approach.
The students certified with the Italian Barista Method has surely an higher possibility to be successfully hired in Italian coffee shops, as well as they have much more chance to open great, real Italian coffee shops.

The Italian Barista Method diplomas are valid just when released by Espresso Academy. Here below you can find listed all the official diplomas released. Use the “search” tap of your browser to find the name of your interest.


Italian Barista Method Trainers

1 Gabriele Cortopassi

2 Simone Celli

3 Robert Brinck

4 Ilaria Nocentini

5 Helena Oliviero

6 Mira Rai

7 Upakar Thapa

8 Bandana K.C. 

9 Physical Shakya

10 Natt Muangsiri

11 John Albert P. Santos

12 Erald Micheal Kolici

13 Hsin Sung

14 Shan Hsiao

15 Mei-Lien Yeh

16 Mohammad Hdaib

17 Alaa Abhari

18 Ahmad Ayoub


19 Talina Shukerian

20 Theerayut Damrongakkarawiwat

21 Nannicha Hanrapeepong

22 Woraphon Sajjavanich

23 Nattika Prakaeko

24 Ekaluk Anantsen

25 Jessada Sritandej

26 Supansa Nira

27 Saksit Ingsuwat

28 Sucheera Khawatkun

29 Watchara Khawatkun





Barista Time trial

One important keyword for an Italian barista is fast! This is why one of the key parts of the Italian Barista Method exam is a time trial.
The candidate have to prepare 4+4+2 recipes chosen random by the examiner and ordered in different times (as in a real bar counter!). The student will lose points for technical mistakes but also because he has forget part of the orders...
The time limit to pass the test is 9 minutes, but right now we have a world record of 5’06’’. Do you wanna try to beat the world, the area record and the your country record?
Check here below the current records, ready to be broken by you.


World records

1) Mohammad Hdaib (Jordan) 4'45" Amman, February 6th, 2020

2) Simone Celli (Italy) 5'46” Florence, March 11th, 2018

3) John Albert P. Santos (Philipines) 6'34", Dubai,  January 23rd, 2019

4) Samita Nakpon (Thailand) 7'12", Khao Lak, October 5th 2019

5) Mira Rai (Nepal) 8'00" Kathmandu july 2nd 2018



Area records

Africa: Paul Den Voort (South Africa) 8'41” Florence May 4th, 2018

Asia:  Mohammad Hdaib (Jordan) 4'45" Amman, February 6th, 2020

Europe: Simone Celli (Italy) 5'46” Florence, March 11th, 2018





Country Records

Jordan Mohammad Hdaib  4'45" Amman, February 6th, 2020

Holland: Robert Brink 7'24” Florence, March 27th, 2018

Kuwait: Suleiman Allas 8'49 Florence April 6th, 2018

Thailand: Samita Nakpon 7'12"Khao Lak October 5th, 2019

India: Tanya Anand 8'11 Florence April 6th, 2018

Indonesia: Irene Bevetti 8'52” Florence April 6th, 2018

Philippines:  John Albert P. Santos (Philipines) 6'34", January 23rd, 2019

Taiwan: Hsin Sung 8'32", October 26th, 2019




Italy : Simone Celli 5'06” Florence, March 11th, 2018

Malaysia: Yi Ling LI 8'48” Florence May 4th, 2018

Nepal:  Mira Rai 8'00" Kathmandu july 2nd 2018

Saudi Arabia: Ahmed Hussain 8'57” Abu Dhabi April 21st, 2018

South Africa: Paul Den Voort 8'41” Florence May 4th, 2018

Spain: Joaquim Arevallaga 6'42” Florence April 6th, 2018

Albania: Erald Michael Kolici 7',04" Dubai January 23rd, 2018