Coffee Roasting Course Intermediate SCA

The intermediate coffee roasting course takes place, as per SCA protocol, in two full days of training during which really fundamental skills are focused. The use of roasting software, the ability to manage the various phases, such as development time and to be able to recognize, in tasting, how they can affect the cup. Again, the ability to blindly recognize roasting defects in cupping.


Passing the SCA Intermediate exam allows to get 10 points for the SCA Coffee Skills Program diploma.

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Program of the course

  • The measurement of humidity and density of green coffee for roasting
  • Roasted coffee measurement with colorimetric systems as Agtron
  • Turning point and development time: how the various stages of roasting affect the final taste.
  • The management of the phases during the roasting
  • Define and record the batch phases on a SCA sheet
  • The roasting software: Artisan, Cropster and others
  • Roasting defects: scorching, tipping, baking etc… how to recognize them in cupping
  • Practical roasting exercises managing (lengthening, shortening, modifying) the various phases
  • Practical roasting exercises with high or low quality / defective coffee
  • Blind cupping tasting: the same coffee roasted at various levels and with different profiles
  • Blind tasting in cupping: knowing how to recognize roasting defects

* SCA suggests to have already attended the  SCA Sensory Foundation and SCA Green Foundation level before this exam.


At the end of this course it is possible to take part to the SCA Rosting Intermediate level certification. Anyone wishing to take part in the certification exams are asked to report it to us when registering for the course. In our school you can also book Roasting Professional certifications. For more info on SCA certifications, consult this page

I nostri Trainer

Marco Cremonese

One of the most known italian coffee and roasting experts. Marco has a large portfolio of consultancies for famous coffee roasting companies and is an official SCA trainer for coffee roasting, tasting and green coffee. He´s also frequently been chosen by the World Barista Championship to roast the coffees for the competitions

Robert Brinck

Robert is the epitome of the third wave, with his long beard and great passion for coffee! He´s from Holland and takes care of all the english courses, communication and is also the trainer for the technical and machine maintenance course!

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