Basic Bartending and Mixology Course

A very intense day with the aim to give you all the foundations of the bartending and mixology art.

From the glasses for the different categories of drinks to the different products: which gin? Why? Which Vodka? Why?

Then we go into practice. From the use of the tools as shaker, mixing glass and pourer (and the pouring technique) to the correct preparation of the classic and international cocktails of the IBA list.

But these are just the base, and a new successful cocktail bar needs much more than the base. This is why the second part of the lesson day is dedicated to mixology elements as infusions, working flair, smoked cocktails, tricks and new perspectives!

At the end of the day we will have the time to evaluate business elements, as the beverage cost.

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Program of the course:

  • The categories of cocktails for IBA: pre and after dinner, every hour, sparkling, fizzes and so on..
  • What equipment you need and how to use it. Shakers and glasses, the right ones and the fashionable ones.
  • Which products a cocktail bar need? Which gin? Which vodka? The difference between agricultural and industrial rum, between the different whiskeys...
  • Different types of ice; how ice melts and the influence of ice in the cocktail
  • Pouring technique, use of metal pourer, basic and spectacular pours.
  • The 12 most classic and international cocktails: the Negroni, Spritz, Americano, Long island, Martini, Mojitos and...
  • Counter organization: accessories available for greater speed and efficiency.
  • Order management.
  • Introduction to Flair and the acrobatic barman: basic elements, approach to flair routines.
  • Working flair: pour with more hands and more bottles, use of the speed rack, speed working techniques
  • The decorations in cocktails: classic and new ideas
  • The new frontiers of mixology: infusions, smoking and the world of mixology

One Journey, One Vacation In Italy

The dates of the Espresso Academy courses are always set in such a way as to allow you to take part in several courses, one day after another, to give the maximum value to your trip, and your Italian vacation.

Find out below the dates coordinated on our calendar


Our trainers

Gabriele Cortopassi

After many years of experience he´s assisted and done consultancies for many bars and restaurants in Italy and abroad. Gabriele is also the founder of, which is one of the most followed blogs for bars and restaurants and the the title of his book (Hoepli editions). He´s an official SCA Trainer and also teaches the Bar Management course.

One Week Coffee Route

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