Online Barista Courses with Espresso Academy

12 June 2020

Online Barista Courses with Espresso Academy

Would you like to participate in an online barista course at a really low price (almost for free) , and would you like it to be an accredited course? Espresso Academy, as always, has the answer for you!

We’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but only now with the dramatic arrival of coronavirus in our lives during the first months of 2020 (which we will remember for a long time) we’ve realized that our  online coffee courses are not only a temporary solution, they are instead a very useful tool we will use in the future to inspire and build professionals all over the coffee industry, from baristas to coffee tasters and roasters, and there can be many advantages to this new system.

One of the first is the price! Organizing a Free Online Barista Course is very difficult, but we are able to keep our costs down very much, so the final price of the course can decrease from €150 (which is our Classroom version) to €79,90 in our online coffee course, even for the advanced version.

Don’t forget about all other costs like travel and stay: coming to Florence and to our other schools is always a very nice vacation-like experience, but participating from home means you can save a lot of money related to flights, transportation, accomodation and so on.. You will be investing in your knowledge in our Online Barista Course for only €49,90 with no other costs!

Online Barista Course

Online Barista Course

So how does our accredited online barista course work?

First of all it’s an accredited course with recognized certification because we follow the program for the International SCA Certification and the one of the Italian Barista Method (we will also talk about how we can prepare for the SCA exams online and finish the exam in class when it’s possible)

Participants can enroll simply by sending a request here  and they will receive a link to the online course so they can join it the morning at the specified date.

You can join the course easily with a laptop, tablet or even a simple smartphone, with all these devices you will follow the class fluently and with the opportunity to interact by asking questions directly to the trainer just like in a real life course. You will be able to follow every step of the course thanks to shared screen presentations and multiple cameras in the room to follow some of the practical steps more closely.

The program of the course will cover a very long journey, the chain the goes from coffee plant all the way to the espresso cup (and cappuccino of course!)

We will cover the following topics: Online Barista Course

  • Botanical knowledge of the coffee plant: arabica, robusta, different varieties, production areas, harvesting systems and processing methods and how they all influence the final result in the cup
  • Harvesting and Processing methods: Picking, Stripping and Mechanical. Natural Process and Washed Process
  • Introduction to coffee roasting and blending: how to roast coffee and how roast profiles work.
  • Virtual Tour of our roasting company and detailed explanation of all the steps we go through for the production of coffee blends.
  • Preparation of espresso, grind settings and tamping correctly.
  • Espresso Sensorial Evaluation, espresso tasting cards, TDS measurements to calculate strength and extraction with the refractometre.
  • The different types of espresso machines from lever machines to automatic and semiautomatic, heat-exchange and multiboiler machines…
  • Italian Cappuccino: how to choose the right milk for our blend and which milk jugs to use.
  • Frothing milk for a perfect cappuccino.
  • Basic rules of latte art and how to make the main patterns like hearts, rosettas and tulips and maybe even the dragon. Introduction to the parameters of the Latte Art Grading System.
  • How to use squeezers and latte art pens and the new age 3D latte art and rainbow latte art.
  • All the classic italian coffee preparations: latte macchiato, caffè latte, espresso macchiato and so on.. As well as the newer recipes like flat white, cortado …
  • Basic knowledge of espresso machine maintenance and cleaning (backflushing with the blind filter, cleaning portafilters and the steam wands), water filtering systems like softeners and active carbon cartridges.


As you will have noticed our program for the Online Barista Course covers very advanced topics that are very complex and evolved like the use of the refractometre, the concept of extraction, the Specialty Coffee Association and Latte Art Grading System parameters. Since we cannot work on personal practical skills like latte art we will have extra time during the course to cover topics that are really at a professional level!

And of course we will be able to catch up the practical part of the course as soon as we can start doing our lessons in class, at that point we will be waiting for you to come visit us and get your practical side of the training FOR FREE!

Online Barista Course

Online Barista Course

To help you in your learning process we will send you all the material of the presentation at the end of the course so you can study and prepare in the best way possible from home.

It will be possible to take advantage of you visit to our school to do all the practical parts of the course and even completing the accredited exams of the SCA, LAGS and IBM

For all info contact us at [email protected]

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