Online Courses

Espresso Machines Maintenance and Reparation Online Course

A technical course based on the training systems of companies in the sector. From boiler machines to heat exchangers, from coffee grinders on demand to induction systems. All in the online course!

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Basic Barista Online Course Sca Barista Skills Foundation

Do you need to have a solid foundation for your barista job but you have no way to participate in a live course? The online barista course is the solution, with SCA foundation Barista skills exam.

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Roasting and blending course online Sca Roasting Foundation

Principles of roasting chemistry, roasting phases and roasting profiles on the software in the online roasting course! With SCA foundation Roasting exam.

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Green Coffee Online Course Sca Green Foundation

Evaluation of defects, NY protocols and coffee specialties in an online course that takes us into the world of coffee production. With SCA foundation Green Coffee exam.

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Coffee Cupping and Tasting Online Course Sensory Skill Sca Foundation

From flavor to enzymatic aromas, from SCAA tasting protocols to cupping. The professional tasting course in your home, with SCA foundation Sensory exam.

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Coffee Brewing Online Course SCA Brewing Foundation

Learn the basics of brewing, V60 and cold brew directly from home? We are waiting for you at the online coffee brewing course! With SCA foundation Brewing exam.

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Coffee Shop Management Course

Coffee Shop Management Online Course

Directly from home, the course for coffee shops start up and managing in the online version. To better evaluate a new business and life project.

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