Espresso Academy Egypt is coming soon

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23 September 2019
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7 October 2019

Espresso Academy Egypt is coming soon

We are really happy to announce that we’ve signed the contract to open the first Espresso Academy in Egypt with our official Partner Bind Egypt.

Really soon our trainers will travel to Il Cairo to train their trainers on our Italian Barista Method’s standards and we hope to be ready in a few months with the first Italian Barista Courses in Egypt. 


Every year we host in our school in Florence hundreds of students from all over the world, but we know that many barista who want to join our Academy have some economical and buracratical issue to come to Italy from Egypt. 

That’s why Italian Barista Method’s courses in Egypt will be a great opportunity for many barista to improve and certify their skills in their own country in a modern and well equipped Espresso Academy, with all the standards of Barista and Latte Art Courses in Egypt like in Italy.

Espresso Academy will run Basic Barista courses in Egypt and Advanced Barista Courses in Il Cairo, the two levels of Italian Barista Method’s certifications. Students will be trained on Italian Espresso standards focusing on the quality of the Barista service, the coffee drink preaaration at the counter and with our speed test, the Barista Time Trial, they will try to beat the record of the fastest barista of Africa and of the fastest barista of the world.



At the same time, with this partnership we will improve and certify the quality of the Espresso Blends that are roasted by our Partner Bind Egypt, that is a small roasting company focused on the quality of Espresso that in that part of the world is usually not really high. We’ll control the quality of their production every month to check and certify the quality of their Italian Espresso Blends.

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