Coffee Courses in Palestine

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7 November 2019

Coffee Courses in Palestine

Courses for Barista in Palestine, the new challenge of Espresso Academy in spreading the culture of Espresso around the world.

If while drinking our beloved cup of espresso, or cappuccino, we pause to think about the origin of coffee, the first image that comes to mind certainly brings us back to Ethiopia, where the first plants of Coffea were discovered which have been spread all over the world starting from the Arabian peninsula. 

For several centuries, it was the Arabs who had the monopoly of the coffee market that they jealously guarded and the botanical species of coffee that still represents more than 60% of the global market bears their name. Coffea Arabica is so-called because the Arabs, from the Yemeni port of Mocha, spread the consumption of coffee in cities such as Damascus, Baghdad, Amman, Jerusalem, and finally Constantinople.

Therefore, if there is an area of ​​the world where the earth speaks of coffee, it can only be the Arabian peninsula and all the states that border it. Until a few years ago, however, coffee was mostly prepared with “Turkish” extraction methods, infusion with the iconic Ibrik, or as Arabic Coffee, an extraction prepared in Dallah with very light roasted coffee and cardamom.

In recent decades, the countries of the Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula have seen a real coffee revolution, with the development and exponential growth of high-quality coffee shops offering espresso, cappuccino, flat white, filter coffee, manual methods of Coffee brewing in modern and “cool” environments that however keep the quality of Arab hospitality intact.

Ordering a cappuccino, a latte, perhaps in the tastiest versions such as Spanish Latte or Mocha in a Coffee Shop, becomes a significant social moment and can also be immediately shared on Social Media, Instagram in the first place. For this reason, the aesthetic aspect of a drink is essential, and a certified barista in latte art is in great demand.

If in many of these countries (United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait ….), while maintaining exciting market growth rates, this trend has arrived for a longer time, and slowly the market begins to be saturated. In Palestine, we are only at the beginning, and the growth in the number of coffee shops in recent months is unbelievable.

Over the years, Espresso Academy has trained many professionals from Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Syria, and other countries in the area in our historic headquarters in Florence but also in our School branches in Cairo, Amman, and Dubai, as well as having followed many consulting and training projects directly for some important coffee shops.

These experiences and our contacts in the area allow us to meet the demand for certified Baristas in Palestine, to allow those interested to participate in Courses for Barista and Latte Art in Palestine, with Specialty Coffee Association certifications, LAGS certifications in Palestine (dedicated to latte art) or even Italian Barista Method courses and certifications in Palestine with authorized trainers.

This training project allows us to be the first school for baristas in Palestine and offer those looking for an Italian coffee course in Ramallah or Jericho to participate in a globally recognized course that can change their coffee career.

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