Espresso Academy #Happycoffeepeople: Ng Sannas

Espresso Academy #Happycoffeepeople, Joelma Nordhagen
16 September 2019
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23 September 2019

Espresso Academy #Happycoffeepeople: Ng Sannas

A real #Happycoffeepeople, Ng Sannas from Hong Kong, she completed the SCA Coffee Diploma in Espresso Academy this year.  She always say: Coffee… it makes my life amazing!!

Hi Sannas, how are you? You came to our school many times, when do you attend Espresso Academy’s Coffee Courses?

Hi guys, my barista life in Hong Kong  has already 2 years and It’s fantastic!  Yes, I finished the SCA coffee diploma on May 2019. I attended the Espresso Academy One week coffee route (I got the SCA foundation’s certificates  of barista skills, roasting and sensory skills) on February 2018, I came back for the 2nd time for SCA intermediate levels of barista skills, roasting and sensory on November 2018 and 3rd time for SCA professional exams of sensory, roasting and green foundation on May 2019.

Three words (or even more) to describe Espresso Academy?

  • Professional – their knowledge, skills.
  • Passion – their heart
  • Home – they give me the “back home “ feeling , we keep in touch even if I’m not in Italy, they always take care me when I back.

What did you learn in Espresso Academy was important for your coffee career?

It’s Coffee culture…I’m so glad that I could meet  people from all over the world and sharing their coffee culture. Maybe my town has not very strong in it but I woukd like to share my knowledge and help people to enjoy theyr own cup of coffee.

Are you working in a coffee Shop right now?

Yes, I’m Senior barista at western cafe bar in Hong Kong. I would like to become head barista or, in a future,  roaster and coffee trainer, even if out of Hong Kong.

Thank you Sannas, It’s always a pleasure to talk with you! Hope to see you soon and congratulations for your SCA Coffee Diploma!

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