The Espresso Academy

When we founded the Espresso Academy in 2009, the world of coffee was very different from nowadays: there was not much information and material, Latte Art was just at the beginning and the baristas had a rather low knowledge about coffee. This has changed a lot in the past years and a new generation of well prepared and aware Baristas, who want to know more about coffee, is growing. We are very proud of being part of this growth by having trained thousands of Italian and foreign Baristas and thanks to the continuous research work which we pass on through our courses and our blogs.
Come find out more!

The school and its partners

Small but fierce! This is how we can define our school. Is it small? well, not so much since we´ve recently added a new roasting and tasting room, also with two new Barista training stations.
At our school, participants can really find a small paradise for those who love coffee or the world of coffee shops!

Open days and Jam sessions

Courses are the base of learning, but there are some topics, such as the Latte Art, which need a lot of practice and not everyone already has a bar or, in general, the space to practice. This is why we give our students the chance to visit us during Open days and Jam sessions in order to train their newly learned skills or for new students to check out the school and the trainers before booking a course!

Our trainer team

From the international gurus (Marco) in roasting and professional coffee tasting to who publishes books about coffee shop management (Gabriele), from the Italian Ibrik coffee Champion (Helena) to the Japanese (Kaai) and Dutch (Robert) trainers ... All joined by the same fate: they have washed many cups at the bar counter!

The Latte Art Grading System

The "Latte Art Grading System" is a degree that certifies a Barista´s skills in the decoration of coffee drinks, especially cappuccino, with Latte Art. This worldwide recognized system is based on 5 consecutive "grading" levels characterized by different colours: White, Orange, Green, Red and Black.


The SCA Certification

The SCA, Specialty Coffee Association, is a world organization that sets and certifies, through the Coffee Diploma, the skills of coffee professionals in five different modules: Green Coffee, Sensory Skills, Roasting, Brewing and Barista. Each module has three different levels: Foundation, Intermediate and Professional.


How to reach us and other questions

Florence is easy to reach from almost every part of Italy. If you come by car, our school is close to the highway exit of Florence SCANDICCI, and you can park anywhere close to the school. If you come by train you can reach us in just a few minutes from Santa Maria Novella thanks to the metropolitan train. If you come by plane, the airports of Florence and Pisa are easy to reach.