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23 April 2020

Online Coffee Roasting Courses With Espresso Academy

Are you planning to enter the roasted coffee industry as a roasting company? Are you looking for an online coffee roasting class certified by the SCA? At Espresso Academy we’re ready for you!

Coffee. A noble product, a bean that’s travelled through history but still has an incredibly modern and cool sense to it. Working with it, transforming it and finding the way to bring out the best from a particular lot through the roasting process is a fascinating project which coffee lovers like us will never get tired of and we wish we could never stop learning about.

Because of the many complications that might stop people from investing in their knowledge, like time, extra costs and (in times like we are in now) even the possibility to travel and many other bureaucratic barriers, we have decided to develop a way for people to avoid all of them at together, this is how our Online Coffee Roasting Classes were born!!

Would it really be beneficial to enroll in an Online Coffee Roasting Course, maybe even one accredited by the SCA?

Our school, Espresso Academy, has been organizing coffee roasting classes for years and we know from experience, especially from our SCA roasting foundation courses, that a major part of the course needs to be dedicated to theory.

We cannot skip important, fundamental, concepts like the chemical transformations that the beans undergo during the roast, acid transformation and degradation processes that contribute so much to the final flavour of the cup, studying the concept of a roast profile…

They are really important and it’s almost a waste of time to step in front of a coffee roaster before we understand all of them.

We know the practical part is often the most fun in a course but, at least in the first stages of our learning curve, it might not be the most important.

Corso di tostatura del caffè online

Corso di tostatura del caffè online

There are many advantages to an online coffee roasting course with Espresso Academy!

Let’s start from the price! Organizing an accredited roasting course for free would be very difficult, but in our school we are able to keep the cost at a bare minimum, and we can drop the final price from the original €140 of the classroom course down to €79,90 for the online coffee roasting course.

And let’s not forget about the costs of travel and stay: coming to Florence or to our other schools can of course be an amazing coffee vacation, but participating from home means there are no extra costs related to flight, hotel and stay, furthermore there are no boundaries when it comes to visas and other bureaucratic inconveniences.

Let’s see how we can participate to the course and what we will do:

Participants can apply simply by sending a request here  and they will receive a link to the course so they can join it in the morning at the specified date. You can join the course easily with a laptop, tablet or even a simple smartphone, with all these devices you will follow the class fluently and with the opportunity to interact by asking questions directly to the trainer just like in a real life course. You will be able to follow every step of the course thanks to shared screen presentations and multiple cameras in the room to follow some of the practical steps more closely. (for example to see the thermocouples that measure the temperatures of the roasting chamber)

Corso di tostatura del caffè online

Corso di tostatura del caffè online

This is the program of the course:

  • Fundamental concepts of roasting chemistry

  • How coffee moisture, density, processing method, variety and altitude of the farm influence the way we choose to roast

  • The basic physics of roasting: different temperatures for different beans, roast profiles, heat transferring methods, First Crack and Second Crack

  • Cooling stage and coffee degassing

  • The use of software to log roasting profiles

  • The concept of a roast profile

  • Common mistakes in coffee roasting

  • Professional tasting methods for coffee like cupping

  • Blending: creating our own blend based on our personal taste or of our clients

  • What is the best roasting machine for my company?

As you will have noticed our program for the Online Coffee Roasting Course covers very advanced topics that are very complex and much more evolved than a SCA Foundation level program (for example we can cover the use of software for roasting and something extra about green coffee selection) because since the practical part will be limited we’ll have more time to study more advanced parts and reach a really professional level!

Corso di tostatura del caffè online

Corso di tostatura del caffè online

And of course we will be able to catch up the practical part of the course as soon as we can start doing our lessons in class, at that point we will be waiting for you to come visit us and get your practical side of the training FOR FREE!

To help you in your learning process we will send you all the material of the presentation at the end of the course so you can study and prepare in the best way possible from home.

What about SCA exams? As we are writing this article we are waiting for answers from the SCA about their decisions on how to handle online certifications. If it’s not possible we will still do our courses following the SCA protocols to make sure you are ready to pass the exam in the future as soon as the situation clears up.

For all info contact us at [email protected]

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