Online Brewing Courses at Espresso Academy

Online Coffee Roasting Courses With Espresso Academy
31 March 2020
12 June 2020

Online Brewing Courses at Espresso Academy

Are you fascinated by the world of Coffee Brewing and manual filter extractions? Are you looking for an online SCA Certified Brewing Course? At Espresso Academy we are ready!

The italian culture might seem very far from the world of Coffee Brewing, since we are very much attached to our beloved espresso machine, but in the last few years it’s become more and more common in the world of Specialty Coffee and in the most careful and quality oriented coffee shops to reach their customers with high quality coffees with a story, a precise recipe and some of the most particular coffee extraction systems.

Understanding the basic parameters of these beverages and how to use the different Brewing Methods is a very important piece of knowledge for a professional barista and because of this necessity, problems related to distance and travel and to reduce costs to a minimum we’ve developed our Online Brewing Course.

Ok, but is it really so useful to participate in an Online Course about Filter Coffee, and is it SCA accredited?

Our school, Espresso Academy, has been organizing Coffee Brewing Classes for many years and we can say from past experiences that a big part of the day, especially in our Foundation Courses, is dedicated to the theoretical aspects and parameters of Coffee Brewing, together with a good amount of practical demonstrations on how to use all the different systems and changing some parameters.

For people who are approaching an Online Brewing Course it’s fundamental to understand the variables of coffee extraction and how they influence the cup. Concepts like Strength, Extraction, TDS, Brew Ratio, Turbulence are just some of the basics of Brewing and they represent the main chapters of our Online Brewing Course. How  do we choose our coffee? How do we store it? How to grind it for V60 or Syphon? All these questions and many more will be answered in our Online Filter Coffee Course.

An Online Brewing Course can offer many advantages starting from the price!

Organizing a free brewing course would be very difficult but the Espresso Academy Team has been able to reduce the costs drastically from our original €140 for the classroom course to €99,90 for the Online Brewing course.

Don’t forget about all other costs like travel and stay: coming to Florence and to our other schools is always a very nice vacation-like experience, but participating from home means you can save a lot of time and money related to flights, transportation, accomodation and for many people even permits, visas and other bureaucratic problems.

How can I participate in an Online Brewing Course?

Participants can enroll simply by sending a request here  and they will receive a link to the online course so they can join it the morning at the specified date.

You can join the course easily with a laptop, tablet or even a simple smartphone, with all these devices you will follow the class fluently and with the opportunity to interact by asking questions directly to the trainer just like in a real life course. You will be able to follow every step of the course thanks to shared screen presentations and multiple cameras in the room to follow some of the practical steps more closely.

Here is the Course Program:

  • Introduction to coffee brewing: brew ratio, pouring techniques, turbulence and other factors.
  • The concept of TDS, Extraction and Strength.
  • The use of a refractometer, how extraction changes at different temperatures, different grind sizes and types of filters.
  • Understanding how to use the different instruments: Aeropress, V60, French Press, Chemex, Clever…..
  • The spectacular Syphon brewer and Turkish Coffee
  • The world of Cold Brew and all the different methods.

As you can see the program is very wide ranged and on top of a long list of alternative brewing methods (Chemex, V60, Syphon, Cold Drip, French Press, Moka…) we explain some very complex and advanced coffee extraction concepts, with scientific instruments like the refractometer and how to use the Brewing Chart, many thing that aren’t even in the SCA Foundation Brewing Course, obviously we cannot do any tasting but this gives us more time to go in depth with theoretical aspects.

And of course we cannot wait until we are allowed to do our courses in class again and we’ll be waiting for all of our online students to come and put the theory into practice, do some brewing experiments and practice their tasting skills in our classroom in Florence.

At the end of the course you will receive the course manual that we use for the presentations and our accredited Coffee Brewing Diploma.

Are you interested in the SCA Brewing Foundation Exam? At the moment the SCA hasn’t taken any final decision regarding online exams, in case it will be made possible our courses always follow the guidelines of the SCA Coffee Skills Program to make sure you are ready to pass the test even in the future directly in class when everything goes back to normal.

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