Our trainer Gabriele during the shooting of a documentary about Italian coffee

Our trainer Gabriele during the shooting of a documentary about Italian coffee


Our school is, above all, a group of trainers with a great passion for coffee, and with great knowledge developed with the time. That’s why we are often contacted for consulting and new projects around the world; Projects and consultations that allow us to extend and deepen our skills and abilities more and more.

The projects we have been entrusted with are various. From the training for the employees of a chain cafes in China and Hungary to the consulting for the project of the opening of a new roasting plant in Serbia and Lebanon and the creation, from a zero, of a chain of kiosks in the Gulf Countries.
In this last, we have started from the design of the kiosk, deciding in accordance with the property the menu in relation with the location, the style of the kiosk, the philosophy and the equipment, and thinking about the format of the subsequent franchise development.

We can support you in your projects with:

  • Support in starting a coffee roasting business
  • Purchasing, evaluation and technical selection of green coffee
  • Creating new blends according to your needs and different markets
  • Support in the Business Plan preparation for coffee shops and coffee companies
  • Structuring of new coffee shops and chains, from layout to the equipments, in line with model philosophy and target.
  • Staff training, from the Italian barista technique to the latte art and brewing
  • Growth strategies for coffee shops



Our trainer Simone during a course for a chain of coffee shops in Saint Petersburg.

Our trainer Simone during a course for a chain of coffee shops in Saint Petersburg.

Espresso Academy is ready to move abroad for the training of your baristas. We can teach them about barista skill, latte art and Italian barista standards. Our trainers are SCA authorized trainers and can certify your employees.

If you have understood that your country needs coffee training and you would open your own coffee school under the brand of Espresso Academy visit our franchising page!


Contatc us at: [email protected]


The coffee consulting projects we are following in this period.


At the moment our trainers at Espresso Academy are mainly working on two big projects as consultants:

  • We are giving technical advice to a company in Saudi Arabia opening a chain of caffetterie with a special interest in the quality of their product, we’ve been working on creating a fresh concept where coffee is the main actor and efficiency behind the counter is the key to good service. Looking for the ergonomic design of the workspace and finding the adequate equipment to get the best out of each type of coffee preparation!
  • In Egypt we are giving consultancy to a new capsules company that’s trying to bring the single origin experience to the regular capsule drinker, this means in the last days we’ve been tasting, tasting and tasting!! Our work, in this case, starts from the selection of green beans and finding an appropriate roast profile for each one to make sure the machine will be able to extract all those great aromas.
    Once we’ve found our possible coffees it’s time to chose how to approach the public and introduce the concept of specialty coffee to our future coffee passionate.
  • In Germany we are following a Coffee Shop chain with more than twenty high sellings shops, training all the Barista to increase the quality and the consistency of all the coffee drinks served in the shops and trying to improve the efficency of their workflow behind the bar. And they are looking to introduce basic latte art patterns (Heart, Rosetta…) in their milk based drinks.
  • Our trainers have taken a trip to Nepal for a company called One House Solution to train their barista trainers and roasters to improve the quality of their work. Together with the owners and the roasters they’ve worked on developing different roast profiles with their coffee to understand the impact on the flavor of the final product. Our aim was to give the local roasters the skills they need to adapt their profile to satisfy their customers and to take full advantage of their Nepali green coffee.