Analysis, action, follow up and improving: these the steps of our coffee shop start up consultant...


A coffee shop start up consulting with Espresso Academy always starts with the evaluation of the location. This is a very important point also because we have to consider that a location can be good or bad depending of the market’s target that we want to reach (a specialty coffee shop, for instance, usually needs a relaxed walking area with windows on the street, a classic cafè/dine is ok at the metro station.)

Your skills and abilities will also guide us to one model rather than another.

Once we have identified the location, but before spending anything on it, we will make an economic evaluation, a first business plan to define costs and feasibility.

Then the project pass into the operational phase, defining menus, equipment, products and coffee and we will begin to work to train the staff. In this phase the role of graphic designers and architects will be also very important, as well as of any companies for the realization of Coffee Shop, figures that we can provide you with our team

At this point we will enter into a third step, that of the actual opening. Important, because the clients will give us just one chance, they will offer us just one visit and we will must be able to win their trust immediately. No problem, we will support you in this fundamental stage! 

1st STEP

Evaluating the project.

In a coffee shop start up consultancy we start with a deep and precise evaluation. Of the location, of the target, of the products, of the trends of consumption in the area compared with the market analysis. From these evaluation we will achieve an effective business plan, the first stone of your successful brand.

  • Location e target
  • Financial analysis e planning
  • Business plan

2nd STEP

From the project to the opening

Once we’ve decided the right location and the right idea for the right target we can proceed to the operative that will bring you to the opening of the Coffee shop.

We will help you in creating and designing the right coffee and food menu for your customers, and with an effective food cost analysis on every recipes we can guide you with the right prices.

Our team can help you with interior design experts. They will support in giving to the business an atmosphere consistent with the brand and its mission. Also they will set the lay out from the ergonomic point of view to create the perfect space for the most efficient workflow. Again,  eventually with the support of Espresso Academy Partners brand like Elektra, Eureka, La Goretti, La Marzocco, we will support you in getting the best equipment for your coffee shop.

Espresso Academy has in its DNA a long experience in Coffee Training. We can provide you the best barista training program for you staff and we can support you in organize the soft and hard opening of your business in every details.

  • Menu, food cost analysis and pricing
  • Equipment, possibly with the support of Espresso Academy partners
  • Furniture, interior design and ergonomic evaluation
  • Products and quality
  • Staff training

3rd STEP

Opening and first period support

Ready, set, go! Now it’s time to open the door of the coffee Shop and in this step we will guide you in setting up the best daily routine of your business, checking the workflow to increase the productivity of your employees and give the best experience to your customers. In this step will be also very important to get the first feed backs from the clients, and be able to set your shop according to.

With a quality check of the standards of the service and the menu we will help you in matching the targets of your customers and reduce any waste.

  • Daily routine
  • daily employees management
  • quality check


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