Espresso academy
barista and coffee courses

The Espresso Academy offers barista and coffee courses in Florence, Italy. Our courses take place in a traditional Italian roasting company, in order to closely follow the steps of coffee roasting and blending. The courses at the Espresso Academy, follow the latest trends and evidences of the world of professional coffee, in addition to the classical topics, such as milk frothing, Latte Art and machine maintenance. Some of our courses also include coffee roasting, following the different roasting profiles, brewing, with different coffee types, different temperatures and different methods (from the V60 to the Aeropress and so on), cupping the technique used as a professional approach of coffee tasting, especially in the world of specialty coffees.

Last but not least, the world of baristas, including the history, technology, knowledge of the Italian classic bar and how to  serve espresso and make beautiful cappuccino! A lot of attention (how can we miss it?) is also dedicated to the world of home barista and home roaster. The courses are held in Florence, in the region of Tuscany, Italy. Therefore you only have to decide if the course is an excuse for a holiday in one of the most beautiful cities in the world or if the vacation is an excuse for the course!

Enjoy the School

Our school is essentially a group of people who are passionate about coffee. We love to share this passion, that’s why the support for our students doesn’t finish with the end of the course. Every month we organize free events, open days and "jam sessions" were we do cuppings, tests, coffee experiments and offer a lot of time for those who want to continue practicing their skills with the available trainers.

Course Calendar 

The dates of our courses are coordinated to allow you to take part in multiple courses on a single trip. Discover the schedule of our courses and choose the most suitables for your project!

Our Trainers Team

From the international gurus (Marco) in roasting and professional coffee tasting to who publishes books about coffee shop management (Gabriele), from the Italian Ibrik coffee Champion (Helena) to the Japanese (Kaai) and Dutch (Robert) trainers ... All joined by the same fate: they have washed many cups at the bar counter!

The SCA Certification

The SCA Specialty Coffee Association (in Europe), is the organization which sets the professional standards for those who want to work in the world of coffee and coffee bars. The Espresso Academy is officially authorized by the SCA for certifications of Brewing, Toasting, Barista, Green Coffee and Tasting.

The Italian Barista Method Certification

The Italian coffee and barista approach is peculiar and distinctive, and Italy is still a landmark for coffee in the world. IBM (Italian Barista Method) worldwide barista certifications, that certified the knowledge and the skills in the Italian espresso universe: from the making of the marocchino to the barista “spoons code” to the choice of the right blend for an Italian coffee shop!

The Latte Art Grading System

The "Latte Art Grading System" or LAGS is a degree that certifies a Barista’s skills in the decoration of coffee drinks, especially Cappuccino, with Latte Art.

This worldwide system is based on 5 consecutive "grading" levels, characterized by different colours: White, Orange, Green, Red, Black.


  • We attended the two-day Barista course (advanced level) and its really cool and awesome. Our instructor-Gabriele shares all the techniques and secrets to make a perfect espresso and cappuccino, plus the coffee art which every participants were so excited and enjoyed every hands-on. As part of the Advanced level course, Gabriele also gave us a tour inside their processing plant. A highly recommended tour if you're visiting Florence both for individual who's looking for a career in coffee industry or simply Coffee lovers.
  • Great experience ! It's fun, very interactive , the trainers are really interested that you learn and practice a lot, before you apply for your certificate. If you never worked in a coffee shop or you never experience how to make a great cappuccino and espresso this is the right place to try . Can't wait to get back and learn some more ! Thank you all !
    TLumi, Croatia
  • Had an amazing two days here going all the way from the roasting room, blends and the theory, but most importantly a lot of practice at making good espressos and cappuccinos with assistance from the instructors, through to the SCA exams. Very friendly and helpful instructors and I can highly recommend the Espresso Academy! A great experience and great knowledge gained. Thank you to all at Espresso Academy and Mokaflor, I highly recommend you all!
    Pierre V, Auckland New Zealand