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The discovery coffee course is the balcony that overlooks the world of Italian espresso and cappuccino.
This course, lasting three hours, is designed both to allow the connoisseur and enthusiast to look out to the world of coffee, and to give the opportunity, to those who visit Florence, to learn about such an important part of taste and Italian way of life.
The course, which includes a visit to the roaster area, teaches about the main types of coffee with a small tasting of Arabica and robusta, the techniques for preparing espresso, cappuccino, latte's and the classic Italian espresso shaked, until realizing your cappuccino with the heart!
Basic barista Course
This course is for those who want to dedicate to the profession of barista.

The course begins learning how to distinguish the different sorts of coffee: Arabica, robusta, Liberica, washed, natural, Monsooned and so on. Then we visit the facilities seeing how the coffee is professionally roasted and blended.

After the visit we dedicate to the barista job: espresso machine maintenance, grinding and tamping, milk frothing and the preparation of the classic Italian proposals: latte macchiato, espresso macchiato and espresso shakerato.
Advanced Barista Course
In the competitive world nowadays, learn the basics of the barista job may not be enough anymore. The advanced barista course begins with the professional coffee tasting, both as espresso and cupping and with the "tasting sheets" used by the “sommelier” of coffee.
Then we continue with the latte art, the technique to make the cappuccino with rosetta, hearts, tulip and so, with videos and a lot of pouring and etching practice.
In the last part of the course we face the coffee cocktails: how to make Irish coffee, the flavored espresso and cappuccino, the iced cappuccino, the frappuccino and so on.
This course can be done by following the basic course, two days for a full immersion.
Latte Art Course
Froth the milk perfectly, know the basics and understand how to read the technique used by the latte art Champions.

The course has a little theory about the tools, the best coffees and milk for latte art; then a lot of practice to make the rosetta, the tulip, the heart, the dragon, the bear and other figures that will impress your clients and will make your curriculum unique.
The Complete Coffee Route. Barista, roasting, Brewing, tasting
Five full days into the world of coffee. 1) barista basic 2) barista advanced and latte art 3)roasting 4)cupping and tasting 5) coffee brewing; with the possibility to take part only at the days of interest, to visit the most historic coffee shops and the legendary Italian companies of Italian espresso machines and to take part to the SCAE certifications...
Roasting and cupping
Two days to learn how the roasting interacts with coffee: how to enhance the body, aroma and taste and how to build the blend we want to offer to our customers. A large section of the course is devoted to cupping and tasting techniques, because tasting is the real bookmark of our experience!
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