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Espresso Academy coffee school. The most innovative tools and the most advanced techniques. The coffee in Italy from tradition to future.

The courses of Espresso Academy, the barista school of Florence, in Italy, taking place in a real roasting company, in order to follow closely the steps of coffee roasting and blending.
The courses, in addition to the classical topics of the barista like frothing milk, latte art and machine maintenance, follow the last trends of the world of professional barista: coffee roasting following the heat curves, brewing different coffees with different boiler temperatures and different pressures, the “cupping”, the testing technique used in the barista championships. A lot of attention, especially during the "coffee fanatics" course, is dedicated to the world of home barista and home roaster.

Our teachers held regularly courses abroad and our courses are habitually held in Italian and English. The courses house is in Florence, in the region of Tuscany, Italy. You have only to decide if the course is an excuse for a holiday in one of the most beautiful cities in the world or, to the opposite; the vacation is an excuse for the course!

Among our format courses, the “Discovery” one is a small course cut for travellers and tourist who want to take a glance to the world of espresso coffee and Italian cappuccino. Here you will find all the reviews about our school: read it on TripAdvisor
Our Courses
Barista basic course
From coffee machine maintenance, to the choice of the coffee blend and the milk frothing. All the basics to start!
Advanced barista course
From the world of Latte art up to professional coffee tasting, frappuccino’s world and the coffee cocktails. For those who want to make with coffee a true profession.
Latte Art Course
From the perfect milk frothing up to the championships of latte art, through the basics and videos. The techniques for your cappuccino with the tulip, the leaf, the bear and so on!
Complete Coffee Route
Barista, roasting, Brewing, tasting. Five full days into the world of coffee.
Three intense hours to know traditions, curiosity and techniques in the world of Italian espresso and latte, up to prepare your cappuccino with the heart!
Roasting and cupping
Learn how to enhance the flavor notes and the aromas of coffee with the roasting, and know how technically evaluate it. Jump into the professional world of coffee!
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